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Your Neighbor & You


Welcome to Your Neighbor & You – where we are dedicated to creating a healthier, more sustainable, and more connected community. Our focus is on empowering women across all stages of life and supporting children experiencing poverty in Lira, Uganda. We believe in the power of togetherness and are excited about the possibility of joining forces with you. Let's make a difference together. We look forward to meeting you!


Who We Are

We believe in the power of support and education to transform lives. Our mission is focused on uplifting women, orphans, and children who face limited support. Through a range of projects from agricultural empowerment to educational support, we strive to build a foundation for sustainable growth and self-reliance:


Harvesting Hope Prosperity Project 

Fostering self-sufficiency and community growth through our community seed library, agricultural trainings, and animal rearing classes. Join us in sowing the seeds of prosperity.

Tangle-Free Tomorrow

Empowering women to embrace their identity and potential through access to haircare and hygiene essentials. Help us untangle the path to a brighter future,

Child Sponsorship

Supporting the educational journey of youth in local community schools through subsidized education. Sponsor a child's future today.

Nurture and Nourish Network

Providing essential care supplies and knowledge through seminars on leadership, business, and mental health. Together, we can nurture and nourish futures.

Spiced Chai

Our Mission

The mission of our faith-based organization is to nurture community and connection while driving positive change. We focus on aiding women, orphans, and children with limited support by collaborating with individuals and organizations sharing our vision. Our efforts are guided by the community's aspirations and objectives, emphasizing values such as cooperation, advocacy, integrity, equity, innovation, empathy, and respect. 

Our operations are guided by the local leadership and direction of the community, aiming to empower them by recognizing their skills and life purposes. We support their efforts to improve their living conditions and to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

Get Involved

Join us in building a stronger community. There are many ways to get involved with Your Neighbor and You, from volunteering to making a donation. Together, we can make a difference.

We partner with our community members to see that obtaining their goals and dreams for their future and for the next generation is possible. By encouraging self-responsibility and generosity in our programs our women are equipped to care for and support one another as they save, share, and support one another in their journeys of motherhood and aging.

Children in School Bus
Writing a Diary

Your Neighbor & You has actively engaged in supporting women and children.
Founded by Tam and Ella Tamunokonbia, the organization emerged in response to the observed needs within the community and the potential to enhance health outcomes for vulnerable groups. It is officially registered as a community-based organization in Uganda and is recognized as a non-profit organization at both state and federal levels in the United States.


Utilized to aid youth and women in Uganda.


Acres of Farmland


Families Supported 

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